Positive Impact of Education in Our Society

We are living in the modern society in which competition has become part of our daily life. Education is very important to win the competition in today’s society. Whether you live in the wealthiest country or you live in poverty, education is essential and necessary to advance any live condition.  God education is very important for someone’s lives for various reasons:

Education Reduce Poverty Trap Significantly

positive impact

positive impact

It is worth to mention that there is a huge number of children who are not going to school this day. These children live under the poverty trap. They have to choose a very difficult choice between going to school and eating meals. Clearly, they will choose a meal instead of going to school. Boys have to work hard to help family income while the girls help the mother to cook and doing any other thing around the house. Children are train to work and play adult’s role in the early age

If they go to school and learn some basic skills, they will be able to obtain a good job and receive a good salary that they expected. In this case, they will able to provide their family need. Education helps them to stand on their feet and pull their family out from the poverty line. The will be able to provide their own need and stand steadily on their own feet.

Health State Can be Promoted

The latest research indicates that educated person has healthier habit and lifestyle than people who are not going to school at all. Other research also suggests that a baby who is delivered and cared by mother and father who receive good education are able to grow up healthily.  On the other hand, education also reduces children mortality in great number. Well educated mother are concern more to their children health state. Therefore they will go to the nearest health care service available to immunize their children. Well-educated parent also most likely to pay more attention on their prenatal care as well as on their childbirth

Education Closes the Gender Gap

For many years women were prevented from attending school or getting an education. Therefore, there is a severe gap between man and women in term skill and knowledge that effect to their daily life. Many women are forced to work at home, spend time at https://daduonline88.com/ and prevented to go out. Women who receive a good education will be able to minimize these gaps. Women who have education tend to wait longer to get married. This helps the women to helps children when only the ready.

Education Minimizes Malnutrition

Malnutrition is a serious problem that faced by many countries in the world. Education enables the farmer to learn a new technique of farming that can increase their productivity.

Education Provides Economic Growth

positive impact

positive impact

The history shows that country that has less than 40 % of literacy rate, they will not be able to increase their economic growth steadily.

4 Basic eLearning Methods 1

4 Basic eLearning Methods 1

As we all know that student learns school subject in various ways. Different learning methods are used to facilitate student learning. The teacher has to choose different learning method available that suite the subject taught and student learning style. Today, we are going to discuss various learning methods such as note taking, repetition, tours, and workbook. This teaching method is widely used in many schools in the world

4 Basic eLearning Methods

4 Basic eLearning Methods


Workbook learning method learning or practicing that helps by activities to increase students understanding about the subject given. This is an interactive tool that contains structure material that specially designed to master the topic presented. There is a rule of information architecture that usually includes: whitespace flow, contrast, hierarchy unity, hierarchy, and so on.


If you want to build a context around the fact and information to what student have learned, you have to take your student to a tour. The museum, historical site, and biosphere, situs judi poker site are the best place for a student to visit. To maximize student experience you can combine this activity with social learning, multisensory learning, storytelling and many more. This kind of tour is not only brooking daily student routine but at the same time, you can ask the student to summarize their trip then create some essay based on fact-finding during the tour.


Another important learning method for the student is repetition. There are many subjects that student can use repetition learning method like a math formula, manual routine and so on. The student will able to remember their subject better if the repeat the subject taught. The expert believes that most people have to repeat things to remember. Most people will lose their memory to new information given within 24 hours. To maximize long-term retrieval after training process, boosting event should be available to reinforced repetition effect available.

4 Basic eLearning Methods

4 Basic eLearning Methods

Note Taking

During lecture or presentation taking a note is a regular activity to remember a key thought and insight. This kind of learning method is widely used and practiced informal learning process like in schools where the teacher and the student meet regularly. Taking note is not to write all the information given by the teacher but, the student should transform information into student personal context by paraphrasing and word arrangement to student own structure and experience. Of course, there are many forms of note-taking like stand-alone text, or sometimes students write a mark or making a record on the margined of the book.

The Aims of Education

The Aims of Education

There is no doubt that education is very important for one’s life. Education is a process that allows individual to get skill, knowledge, habit, belief, and value. Education can take place both in informal and formal settings. Education affects the way we think, feel and act. There are many education methods such as teaching, storytelling, training, discussion, and directed research. However, if they want the learner actually can teach themselves to various subjects available.

the aim of education

the aim of education

There has been a conflicting idea about the aims of education. Some expert gives different aim of education than another. This is because they saw the education purposes from different views. However, generally they agree that the primary purpose of education is as follow:

Intellectual Achievement

Education enables the student to obtain skill and academic knowledge to help them for the next secondary education level or to the workforce. This skill and knowledge can be achieved both in a formal and informal education setting.

Pro-Social Value

There are a specific social norm and social value in with every member of the society to follow and obey. Education train prepares the student to become a responsible citizen. The symbolize authority/ teacher should emphasize the value of honesty, cooperation, moral responsibility, competitiveness, patriotism, and obedience.

Economic Competitiveness

Education provides the student with the knowledge and skills needed to win the competition in the modern world. Education provides the student with the ability to work more effective and efficient, help student with personal development such social value, corporation, follow the rule and punctuality.

Personal Growth:

Education help student to find clarification of personal value, personal relevance, and self-expression skills and communication. Curriculum created to emphasized students feeling and interest.

Socialization and Culture:

To impart culture to students through great ideas of western culture, such as works of art, literary classics, and basic skills so that they are literate and cultured citizens and can participate intelligently in American society. Schools are places where students from diverse language and cultural backgrounds learn English and learn about American traditions, holidays, historical figures, geography, and democracy.

the aim of education

the aim of education

Social Change

Education help student to become a good citizen that capable of changing social issue and become the social problem solver. Education provides the student with skills and knowledge to improve their society. Additionally, education also helps the student to see them self as individuals who are able to contribute a positive impact on their society. The student is encouraged to take part in any community service and activity so that they know their community condition and needs